A single channel in pure class A. Incorporates a full tube tremolo.

If you are looking for a great tone in small dimensions this is the winner.

This small combo mounted with a 10" speaker is a portable, lightweight and small tool capable of giving a spectacular tone. GOLIATH is ideal both for playing at home and for small concerts and rehearsals, and if you microphone it, you will have a fantastic tone for the big stages.


A few controls make GOLIATH a simple amplifier and very easy to adjust. MASTER for the volume and TONE for ... well, for the tone. It has a FULL / HALF power selector switch to go from 12W to 6W, this is very useful for situations where you need to play with low volume like, practice at home, small gigs, etc ... But do not be wrong, in FULL mode, with 12W of power this small amplifier has a lot of volume.

Finally a fantastic Full Tube tremolo circuit, with an INTENSITY control to adjust the amount of effect and SPEED knob to control the speed of oscillation. To deactivate Tremolo simply set the INTENSITY control to zero.

All the elements of this amplifier are manufactured entirely by hand. The wiring is Point-to-Point, placing each component individually and using the best materials to create a quality and durable product.


  • Class A/B Tube Amp

  • 12W/6W RMS Power

  • 2x EL84 JJ

  • 2x ECC83 JJ


  • Full Tube Tremolo

  • FULL/HALF Power Selector Switch

  • Celestion Tube 10 / 8 Ohm Speaker

  • Handmade & Point-to-Point Build

  • Auto BIAS. Design without maintenance

  • Small Dimensions / Lightweight

  • 15mm Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet

  • High Quality components and parts

  • Dimensions: 40x35x25 cm

  • Weight: 9.5kg

  • Only available in 230V

Speaker Cabinet and Tube Amp maker.

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