Combo in pure Class A. Two channels, power reduction and  full analog tube Tremolo. If you are looking for a great tone, in small package this is the winner.

This small combo with a 10"speaker is a portable, lightweight and small-sized tool capable of giving a spectacular tone. GOLIATH MK2 is the improved version of our old model. It is ideal both for playing at home and for small concerts or rehearsals and if you microphone it, you have a fantastic tone for large venues.


Regarding the first version, now GOLIATH MK2 has two channels, a power reducction and all its functions controlled by pedal. It also incorporates a new cabinet design that makes it lighter, stronger and with an improvement in resonance and musicality.


The main channel of the amplifier has the VOLUME and TONE controls. This channel will only deliver clean sounds with a very clear and defined tone. When activating the second channel, the VOLUME and TONE controls are maintained and the GAIN control is added, which allows you to saturate the preamp and gives you sounds from a lightly saturated clean to a pure rock Overdrive. The tone of this second channel is more "British voiced" and has more treble and mids than the first channel to improve the response of the distortion.


GOLIATH MK2 has a fantastic fully analog tube Tremolo circuit, with INTENSITY control, to adjust the amount of effect and SPEED, to control the oscillation rate. This tremolo is able to work on both channels and is controlled by the FOOTSWITCH included in with the amplifier.


Finally the power reducer. It goes from 12W to 1W, this drastic reduction offers the real possibility of being able to play at low volume without losing the tone of the amplifier. It is a 100% Resistive reducer in the power output, so the amplifier is always working to its full potential in Class A, we only limit the signal that reaches the speaker and dissipate the excess. How it should be done to maintain all the character of the Amplifier.


All the elements of this amplifier are made entirely by hand. The cabinet, the upholstery, the stainless steel chassis laser cut to our specifications, the electronics. All is manufactured and designed by us. The electronics are in PCB to be able to mount all its functions in such a small space, the materials and components are of the highest quality. All these elements come together to create a durable and high quality product.


  • Class A Tube Amp

  • 12W/1W RMS Power

  • 2x EL84 Power Tubes

  • Dual Footswitch - Channel/Trem

  • 2 Channels - Clean / Overdrive

  • Full Analog Tube Tremolo

  • Power Reduction between 12W & 1W

  • Jensen Raptor 10" Speaker

  • 100% Hand Made

  • Auto BIAS. Design without maintenance

  • Small Dimensions / Lightweight

  • 15mm Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet

  • High Quality components and parts

  • Dimensions: 40x35x22 cm

  • Weight: 7.5kg

  • Only available in 230V


Upholstery and Customization

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Speaker Cabinet and Tube Amp maker.

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